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Water Heater Repair Service

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The most common water heater mistakes contractors make

The water heater system in your bathroom is very important. You might not notice it now when everywhere is hot and comfortable, but when the winter season rolls by and you need that shot of hot water to have your bath in the mornings, you will be thankful that you have it.
With that being said, it is important for any water heater repair or installation service to be done the right way. To wit, make sure that you look out for these mistakes:
Soldering fittings on the water heater
One of the most common DIY installation mistakes with water heaters is soldering fittings too close to the tank while carrying out the water heater system installation. However, a lot of installation services tend to avoid the heat melting off the dip tube by unscrewing the nipples and soldering on the fittings separately and far from the water heater.

Working with incompatible metal pipes

Installing a water heater is never straightforward, and as it turns out, a lot of installation companies still don’t know that metal pipes need to be compatible for the installation process to work. When incompatible pipes are used, the heater system might get installed, but you will need to call a water heater repair service soon enough as well.
Installing a water heater system will be much easier if the tank has copper or brass connectors, and if the pipes in the house are made of copper as well. However, in the event that the pipes are made of galvanized steel, then a plumber should always make use of a dielectric union to prevent contact between the pipes.

Incorrect assembly for the T&P overflow valve

Most water heater systems these days come with a T&P (temperature and pressure) valve, which helps with the discharge of pressure or heat into the heater. However, a water heater repair might eventually be required if this safety valve is not installed properly.
Improve installation could potentially lead to an explosion of the entire heater system, and anyone close to the heater at that point could get terribly injured as well (from heat damage and scalding). So, it is important for plumbers to install this valve and connect a threaded drain rube to its outlet. This tube is routed into the floor, thus safely diverting any potentially harmful discharge.

Dry Firing

When a water heater repair or installation service has been carried out, it is important to not just turn the circuit on immediately. Rather, you should ideally wait for the heater to be filed with water completely.
So, once the water heater repair or installation has been completed, make sure that you take out all of the air from the tank by opening the hot water faucet and waiting until you get a free water flow. When you see this, you can turn the water heater on. This is significant because dry firing the water could lead to an overheating, which can eventually crack the tank and even cause more damage to the heater.
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