Monday, March 23, 2020

Plumbing Company in NJ

Are you looking for a plumbing company in NJ? Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service is a fully bonded and insured heating and plumbing company in NJ that has been providing plumbing and heating services to both residential and commercial customers for over 30 years. Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service is the destination for all of your plumbing and heating service needs in Northern NJ.

The qualities of a stellar plumbing company

Anyone who has had a plumbing problem will understand the need to get a contractor that can help them get things done quickly and effectively.

To wit, make sure you keep an eye out for the following hallmarks of a great plumbing service:

Experience and decent variety

You will need to get a plumbing company that is vastly experienced at what they do. It’s never a good look when you get a contractor who isn’t trained and experienced to handle your plumbing, because they could make issues even worse.

So, consider the experience of a company before you contract them.

Their reputation speaks

The general experience levels and nature of an organization can be measured by assessing how well they’ve been able to serve their customers.

These days, awesome organizations have a site on the Web that you can visit and check out. These sites come with testimonials, and you can see what their customers say about them. If you want additional proof, feel free to contact these customers and get even more information.

Safe and authorized

Dependable organizations are for the most part guaranteed and authorized. Employing a properly authorized and guaranteed contractor can put your mind at ease a great deal. A safe plumbing company in NJ will assume all of the liability in the event that anything turns out badly.

Incredible client care

Having access to a benevolent and caring customer experience service is a genuine benefit that you should look out for.

You can easily talk to the specialist about the plumbing issues you’re facing, and rest assured that they’ll be able to relay your concerns to the appropriate authorities. The fact that they’re cordial is definitely going to be an added advantage as well.

Respectable contractors consistently attempt to develop great relationships with their clients. Regardless of the issue, the conduct of the plumbing contractors can show you quite a lot about their ability.

Fast and reasonable

If you have a problem with one of the major plumbing systems in your house, you will need things to get fixed as soon as possible. A reliable plumbing company understands this, and this is why one of the most important qualities you should always look for is speed and reliability.

You need a plumbing service that you can call and which will get things done for you in a flash. So, if you’ll be hiring one, make sure you get an estimate of how long they’ll take to get the job done.

In addition to that, you need them to provide their services at an affordable rate. While cost isn’t always the most important consideration, it is an important one nonetheless, and you will need to keep it in mind as you look for your perfect firm.

To help with the cost, try to look for different plumbing companies and how much they serve. This way, you can get a baseline figure and work with that as your budget.

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Plumber in NJ

Are you looking for Plumbers in NJ? Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service are fully bonded and insured plumbers in NJ that have been providing plumbing and heating services to both residential and commercial customers for over 30 years.

People often face issues with their plumbing services. It could be because of multiple reasons like the clogging of the sink or drain, or the shower not delivering water at the right pressure or the shortage of cold water in the unit, etc.

So, if such is the case with your shower and you are trying to detect what is wrong with it and why is there a shortage of cold water in it, then you have arrived at the right page. Come let’s begin!

  • Why is there no cold water?

  • The first step here is to determine if the shortage of cold water is an issue with only one faucet or is it happening all over the house. Because if all the taps in the house are only delivering hot water then it is possible that a shutoff valve might have been accidentally turned off. If that is the case then turning on the valve should solve the issue.

    However, if only one faucet is faulty then the issue is probably with the defective pressure-balancing valve. In order to correct this, either you might need to replace the valve cartridge or to call a professional plumber in NJ.

  • Why is the pressure-balancing valve malfunctioning?

  • The pressure balancing valve’s main function is to-

  • Regulate the water pressure
  • Regulate the ratio of hot water and cold water that is running from the faucet.

  • So if your shower head or faucet is not in use on a regular basis then the mineral buildup or corrosion can negatively affect the cartridge. In such a situation one needs to replace the valve in order to right the problem.

    How can you replace the failed cartridge?

  • In the first step shut off the shower’s water supply.
  • Now if you like, you can cover the shower drain with a cloth so that small components from the shower do not fall into the drain and get lost.
  • Remove the shower handle and lift it off the stem.
  • In the next step, remove all the parts inside the faucet structure.
  • If you discover any residual or buildup inside the parts then clean them with a cleaning solution.
  • Using the needle-nose pliers, pull out the retainer clip.
  • Remove the cartridge by using the cartridge puller.
  • Next, install a new cartridge using the plumber’s grease.
  • Reinstall all faucet parts.

  • So these are the steps to correct the issue if your shower head is only delivering hot water. Follow them and all should be well.

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    Total Plumbing Heating & Drain - Your Trusted Plumbers in NJ.

    Tuesday, March 3, 2020

    Water Heater Repair in NJ

    Are you looking for water heater repair in NJ? Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service is a fully bonded and insured plumbing company in NJ that has been providing water heater repair in NJ, for residential & commercial customers, for over 30 years.

    The water heating system is an important part of our lives. If the unit fails then our lives more or less get stuck, which is why it is important to make sure that the system is working fine. But how can that be achieved?

    Well, in order to understand the maintenance of the hot water heater it is significant to understand the simple water heater repair and maintenance. So if your heater is displaying signs of some trouble, then you should follow these water heater repair tips.

  • Drain your tank
  • If you continually use your water heater, then some sediments might collect at the bottom of the heater and reduce the availability of hot water, slow down units’ heat transfer, and clog drains. In such a situation to remove the sediments, you will need to drain out the tank. Continue this process until only the clean water starts coming from the hose.


  • Insulate your hot water tank

  • Insulating your hot water tank can help you in conserving energy and in keeping your tank safe. This has been dictated in the reports of the Department of Energy which states that insulating your water heater can save you 7 to 16 percent of energy.

    But before insulating the water heater first contact your heater manufacturer to check if they have a recommended insulation blanket. In case they don’t, you can use the foil-covered bubble wrap to cover the tank and you can seal it with foil tape.

  • Check valve pressure

  • If the valve system in your water heater is not functioning properly then your unit can get over-pressurized and can breakdown under that pressure. Hence, in order to avoid that condition, it is important to ensure that the valve is working fine.

    In order to check that, turn off the water heater’s electricity and cold water option. Now look at the TPR valve and let the water out, then slowly let it go. If the water keeps flowing then it is time to call for water heater repair services.

  • Check the anode rod

  • An anode rod plays an important role in the functioning of your water heater system. This rod usually has a 4 to 5-year life. In order to ensure that it working properly, take the rod out and inspect if it. If it is less than ½ inch thick or is coated with calcium, then that is a sign that you need water heater repair.

    For more information about water heater repair in NJ

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    Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service - Your Trusted Provider For water heater repair in NJ

    Monday, February 24, 2020

    Plumbing Services in NJ

    Plumbing Services Are you looking for plumbing services in NJ? As an established plumbing company, Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service offers a multitude of plumbing services in NJ.

    Now, we all have heard or read it somewhere, that plumbing is an important job. That it is significant and that it should matter. But have you ever taken out the time to question the why? Like why does it matter? Why should it matter to you?

    Well, if you have not, then maybe you can now take out 2 minutes of your time and read this article to know why plumbing is considered so important.

    Here it goes!

  • Ensures hygiene

  • Plumbing harnesses water. It makes it possible for common people to have access to safe, convenient and clean water. This is turn helps people in leading a healthy, hygienic, long and disease-free life.

  • Eco-friendly

  • Plumbing not only saves human lives, but it also saves the environment. It carries filthy water and along with it all the garbage and other dirt out of your house. An efficient plumbing system ensures that the filthy water is taken someplace away where it can be treated and re-used. Hence, plumbing saves the environment and surroundings.

  • Saves water

  • Through innovations in the plumbing field, your appliances are now being designed to ensure minimum usage of water. Because of this, water efficiency has now increased and we are using less amount of water in toilets, bathtubs, showers, etc.

  • Protects your appliances

  • Plumbing is widely associated with only water-related services but that is not true at all. Plumbing also includes maintenance and repair jobs related to heating systems, furnaces, water boilers, washing machines and a lot more. Just imagine if any one of these systems has a break-out, how difficult will it become to manage your daily life?

  • Protects your house

  • Wondering how? Well, simple.
    Imagine if you have a faulty pipe in your home that is leaking continuously. Now this leakage will mean excess moisture inside your house and that can cause moss and fungus to grow and develop. Now, this can ruin the beauty of your home. Or else, you can have a clogged basin or toilet in your home. Just wonder what chaos would it be if you did not have plumbing services?

    So, these are some points that highlight the benefits of plumbing and show us how our world would be nothing less than a nightmare if there were no plumbing services!

    So if you have any troubles with your plumbing systems, then don’t shy away from giving us a call and we promise to do everything in our power to ensure that you have regular access to clean water.

    For more information about our plumbing services in NJ or any questions about new plumbing installations, plumbing repairs and other residential and commercial plumbing services in NJ, call Total Plumbing at 201-804-0001.

    Friday, February 14, 2020

    Drain Repair in NJ

    All of us have been, at one time or another, at that place where we were utterly frustrated with our slow functioning drains. I mean if that’s the amount of time my drain is going to take for carrying the water out, then I should be graced with an extra 2 hours every day alone for that!

    But you see, no matter the pleas or the obscenities we throw at our drain, the system un-surprisingly doesn’t start functioning again. So what should be done now?

    Well, apart from calling for professional help (which you should probably do if you feel like you are incapable of handling the situation on your own), we have got a list of 4 simple solutions that you can use to at least earn some temporary relief. Here check it out!

    Top 5 Solutions To Unclog Your Drain

  • Boil hot water!

  • If you have a clogged kitchen sink, then it is most probably a result of organic matter or fats that have accumulated and choked the drain pipes. In order to right it, use boiling hot water. This will liquefy the fats and clean up your pipes to offer you some temporary relief.

    Note: Don’t use this trick either on the porcelain sink bowl because it may crack or on PVC drains as their joints may loosen up.

  • Use wire hanger

  • If your bathtub or shower drain has hairs choking it up, then this trick might just be your solution. All you need to do is to get a wire and to make a small hook at its end. Now run it up and down your drain, so it can hook any hair or other gunk that is slowing your drain.

  • Plungers

  • Of course, the good old fashioned plunger made it to our list. Did you think otherwise? Well if you did then no bummer, you were wrong!

    Plungers are, well, the best tools for getting rid of drain issues. They work on every type of drains and are easy to work.

  • Clean the trap

  • If your drain is localized to one drain and you can access it, then this might be a simple job for you. Just look for the “J” bend and slid it out. All the grease and the dirt that might have got accumulated there is very well the culprit. Clean it out, then you are good to go!

    So these are the simple 4 tricks that can unclog your drain. However, in case they do not work to your satisfaction and you feel like you need some professional help, then contact us and we will soon be at your service!

    For more information about our drain repair in NJ, contact Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service today at 201-804-0001.

    Wednesday, February 5, 2020

    Water Repair Repair in NJ

    Are you looking for water heater repair in NJ? Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service is a fully bonded and insured plumbing company in NJ that has been providing water heater repair in NJ, for residential & commercial customers, for over 30 years.

    Water heating is an essential need that has to be met or the results can be disadvantageous. It is true for both commercial and residential contexts, which is why people become so selective and careful when they are buying water heating systems. Nobody wants to buy a water heating appliance that cannot perform consistently and is prone to have surprise break-downs.

    But no matter how deeply you think about your decision or how costly is the heater that you finally choose to buy, the inevitability of wear and tears and malfunctions can’t be denied. But you don’t need to worry about it. Because if your heating system is not performing well and is giving you troubles, then all you need to do is to place a call at Total Plumbing, NJ and we promise to take care of the rest!

    Here are some of the heating repair services that we offer our customers-

  • Restoring a faulty burner!

  • If you own a Gas-powered water heater and it is displaying some troubles in heating water, then the cause of that problem may lie with the burner. Yes, the burner in gas-powered heaters can accumulate rust or dirt on its surface. This can lead to low gas flow or blockage in the line which can affect the appliance’s heating power. If such is the case, then don’t try to take care of the heater on your own, because it can cause ill-effects on your health.

  • Replacing worn-out heater elements

  • With the electric water heaters that have two heating elements inside the tank to warm the water, there is always a possibility of one element going down. In such circumstances, your heater might not perform and you may need to get some professional assistance to get it right.

    So, if you need some urgent expert assistance than total Plumbing is at your service!

  • Fixing broken tubes

  • The dip tube in your heater carries the normal water from your water tanks down through the tank of your heating appliance and to its bottom. There the heat exchange warms the freshwater which rises back to the top once the water is warm. But when this dip tube breaks down, the cold water is deposited at the top of the tank that mixes with the heated water. This can cause for your taps and shower-heads to serve you only lukewarm water.

    So, if your heating system is facing any such trouble, then just pick up your phone and call us, and our experts will be knocking at your door in no time!

    For more information about water heater repair in NJ
    Call Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service at 201-804-0001,
    Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service - Your Trusted Provider For water heater repair in NJ

    Monday, January 27, 2020

    Tank Less Water Heater Service in NJ

    Most households tend become wasteful when it comes to dealing with hot water.

    Making sure there’s always water ready to heat does have its perks. However, this often isn’t the case for others. It typically takes a longer time to reheat an empty tank when a person in the house takes a much longer time in the shower.

    This is then followed by worries, such as if it’s will consume a lot of energy or if it will spring a leak. These concerns are reasonable considering that tanks usually fail in 8 to 12 years.

    To turn away from these uncertainties, it’s worth trying out a tankless water heater. It provides various benefits as well, like taking up less storage space and energy as well as providing a constant supply of hot water. Because of this, a family can save up a great amount depending on how much water they consume.

    Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service is just the right company to turn to.
    They offer tankless water heater services for customers who are looking to make the switch and try a new way of getting hot water without going through so much trouble.

    These tanks operate by heating water only when it is needed, rather than keeping it in a storage tank. With this, hot water will no longer have to stay idle.

    Hot water is produced quicker too since there would be no need to wait for a storage tank to fill.
    This system also promotes energy conservation especially when every source of hot water in a home makes use of a tankless water heater. At most, an household is able to up to 50% on energy costs.

    With Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service, a resident can get a tankless water heater installed in their homes efficiently.

    Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service makes sure their plumbers get training before setting out into the field to ensure they perform the needed work skillfully.

    For the ease of potential client, they provide further information on their website along with how to contact them. They also have an office in North Jersey that’s open to customers who have any further queries.

    If you are interested in finding out more information about tankless water heater installation in North Jersey, call Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service at 201-804-0001 for an on demand / tankless water heater estimate.