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Water Heater Repair in NJ

Are you looking for water heater repair in NJ? Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service is a fully bonded and insured plumbing company in NJ that has been providing water heater repair in NJ, for residential & commercial customers, for over 30 years.

The most common water heater issues

Water heaters can be complex systems indeed. You might think that you have one that is the best, only to find out that there are some things wrong with it.

The truth is that you will experience issues with your water heater at least once in its lifetime. However, a lot of these issues can be fixed.

Regardless, here are the most popular of those, and how a water heater repair in NJ can help you fix them.

Not Enough Hot Water

If you find that your hot water is beginning to run out much faster than t use to, then it is possible that your thermostat has become full. However, other probable causes include a leak in the dip tube and some loose wiring.

Regardless, it is always recommended that you first check out the settings on the thermostat. If you will have to turn up the temperature, then you can start by doing so in little increments. A little increase can go a long way in heating up the water, and you sure don’t want to get a burn or a scald.

If you find that this isn’t the problem, then you might need a water heater repair in NJ to help you out.

Hot Water Just Stops

A lot of the time, you will find that the most popular reason why a lot of water heaters develop issues is the fact that plot lights are unlit and circuits get blown. So, if your hot water suddenly stops working, you will need to check the circuit breaker to ensure that the heater is actually being powered.

If you see that this isn’t the problem, check the pilot light. If the light has a problem, you can relight it. Again, if this doesn’t work, you might want to call a water heater repair service to help you look through all important parts and ensure that everything is fixed.

Strange Noises

When a water heater begins to make unnecessary noise, it is because there has been a lot of dirt built
up on the heating elements. To solve this, you will need a contractor to help you to empty and clean the tank. Also, a water heater repair contractor of an HVAC specialist can help you to service your system as well.

Water Gets Overly Hot

Whenever you notice that the water is getting way too hot, it only shows that the thermostat has a fault with it. It is possible that the thermostat has been wrongfully set, or maybe it has just developed a fault.

Leaking Water Tank

When the water tank starts to leak, it is an indication that the entire water heater system needs to be serviced. It might be that the heater has gotten old and you need to replace it, or it could just be that a specific area has developed a fault and will need to be fixed at once.

Regardless, no one ever wants to see any water leaking everywhere. So, get in touch with a water heater repair service at once.

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Plumbers in NJ

Plumbers in NJ

Are you looking for plumbers in NJ? Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service is a fully bonded and insured plumbing company in NJ that has been plumbers in NJ, for residential & commercial customers, for over 30 years.

Plumbing advice from the experts

Your plumbing system is incredibly important to the overall health and integrity of your house. However, unlike a lot of other issues that could arise, problems with your plumbing system are incremental. The little things matter, and in a bid to save you the trouble of spending so much, we asked plumbers in NJ how people can keep their plumbing systems in good shape.

Plumbing maintenance tips for daily living

A lot of the things you do daily affect your plumbing system. Clogs are real nuisances, but the truth is that it is the little things we do on a daily basis that lead to their appearance. At the end of the day, they just go on to shorten the lifespan of pipes and cause further issues for your problems.
So, to help ensure that you get some optimal performance from your plumbing system, plumbers in NJ have recommended that you conduct the following:

In your Kitchen

A lot of the time, kitchen drains clog due to the presence of waste or debris going down the sink. However, in order to prevent this, make sure that you don’t put oils or grease down the sink. A lot of plumbers in NJ recommend this, and there is a reason why.
  1. Cooking fats, oils, butter, and other materials that can block your pipes need to be kept at bay. Also, plumbers in NJ recommend that you don’t misuse the garbage disposal.
  2. Apart from those, make sure to follow these:
  3. Never switch on the water and disposal before you add food
  4. Don’t put stringy food down the garbage disposal. Things like celery, banana peels, and more should just be thrown out
  5. Allow the cold water run after you use the disposal. It will help flush down the food into the main line

In your bathroom

You also need to watch around the drain in the bathroom. To reduce these clogs, make sure to follow these steps:
  1. Reduce the use of bath oils and install screens over the drains. They will prevent hair from going down the drain
  2. Don’t use your toilet as a trash can. You should only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet. Dispose things like wipes and tampons elsewhere
  3. Don’t use chemical clog removal products. Really, they don’t work.

Plumbing maintenance every week

Plumbers in NJ also recommend that you check on your pipes once a week. It will help prevent the development of small issues, and help enhance diagnosis and fixes much easily. So, every week, try to do the following:

  1. Check for pipe leaks. Look under sinks for moisture signs (which include water puddles, a musty feeling, mold growth, etc.)
  2. Perform tests on shower and sink drains to look out for drainage speed. If you see water bubble while the water drains, then slow drain is beginning to accumulate. The ideal drain should have a complete swirl as the water drains
  3. Make sure that you clean your lint traps on the washing machine
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Friday, November 8, 2019

Boiler Repair in NJ

Boiler Repair in NJ

Are you looking for boiler repair in NJ Total Plumbing and Heating provides boiler repair in NJ, for residential & commercial customers, for over 30 years.

The Checklist for a Boiler Repair Service

Any issues that you have with your heating system should never be solved as a DIY project. Competent boiler repair companies will need to get these jobs done, and given the fact that you most likely have so much in your area, here are a few ways to separate the good from the great:

Their experience level

The fact that a boiler repair company has been operating in the business for a long time definitely won’t be an accident. Longevity in this business will only be the result of a strong customer base, which itself will only be achieved through effective service delivery.
Boiler repair businesses that have terrible service delivery levels usually don’t hold on to their customers so much, and you should definitely take a lot of time to examine the options that you have based on their level of experience.

Their manufacturer partners

A lot of the time, you will find that a boiler repair company that is reliable belongs to a network of service providers as well. These companies work closely with manufacturers, so that they will be able to provide excellent support for repairing gas boilers. Thanks to their skills and knowledge of specific boiler manufacturers, they will be able to provide awesome savings in terms of labour time and even costs. It might not be a pressing requirement, but it definitely won’t hurt to find out the manufacturers that they have business partnerships with.

Their service cost

Absolutely! Money is an important aspect of getting a boiler repair service, and it is important for you to find out how much a repair service will charge.
Now, when working with costs, the general rule of thumb is that you can get as much as three quotes. Price ranges for boiler repair services usually fluctuate a lot, so this is important. You definitely don’t want to pay way too much, but at the same time, you want to ensure that the amount you pay won’t end up getting you disappointing service.
Also, when sourcing for a price quote, you will need to be careful with companies that just get you a number over the phone. There are several factors which could have impacts on the quote and there is a slim chance that a company will be able to identify your problem over the phone.

Support and customer care

This is without a doubt one of the most important factors that you will need to consider when selecting a boiler repair company. Most smaller businesses might not be able to draw up a formal customer support policy, but it is also easy to measure whether their engineers are competent enough.
The boiler repair job will need to take aspects such as cleanliness and safety into consideration, but you also need effective support in the event that some problem arises at a later date. You can always check out other jobs that they’ve worked on to find out how their customer care operates like.

Professional qualifications

Most tradesmen study for their job, and when it comes to services such as boiler repair, anyone looking to ply this trade will need to get licensed. The licenses vary between states, so make sure to ask whether a prospective company has been licensed.

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Water Heater Repair Service

Are you looking for water heater repair in NJ? Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service is a fully bonded and insured plumbing company in NJ that has been providing
water heater repair in NJ, for residential & commercial customers, for over 30 years.

The most common water heater mistakes contractors make

The water heater system in your bathroom is very important. You might not notice it now when everywhere is hot and comfortable, but when the winter season rolls by and you need that shot of hot water to have your bath in the mornings, you will be thankful that you have it.
With that being said, it is important for any water heater repair or installation service to be done the right way. To wit, make sure that you look out for these mistakes:
Soldering fittings on the water heater
One of the most common DIY installation mistakes with water heaters is soldering fittings too close to the tank while carrying out the water heater system installation. However, a lot of installation services tend to avoid the heat melting off the dip tube by unscrewing the nipples and soldering on the fittings separately and far from the water heater.

Working with incompatible metal pipes

Installing a water heater is never straightforward, and as it turns out, a lot of installation companies still don’t know that metal pipes need to be compatible for the installation process to work. When incompatible pipes are used, the heater system might get installed, but you will need to call a water heater repair service soon enough as well.
Installing a water heater system will be much easier if the tank has copper or brass connectors, and if the pipes in the house are made of copper as well. However, in the event that the pipes are made of galvanized steel, then a plumber should always make use of a dielectric union to prevent contact between the pipes.

Incorrect assembly for the T&P overflow valve

Most water heater systems these days come with a T&P (temperature and pressure) valve, which helps with the discharge of pressure or heat into the heater. However, a water heater repair might eventually be required if this safety valve is not installed properly.
Improve installation could potentially lead to an explosion of the entire heater system, and anyone close to the heater at that point could get terribly injured as well (from heat damage and scalding). So, it is important for plumbers to install this valve and connect a threaded drain rube to its outlet. This tube is routed into the floor, thus safely diverting any potentially harmful discharge.

Dry Firing

When a water heater repair or installation service has been carried out, it is important to not just turn the circuit on immediately. Rather, you should ideally wait for the heater to be filed with water completely.
So, once the water heater repair or installation has been completed, make sure that you take out all of the air from the tank by opening the hot water faucet and waiting until you get a free water flow. When you see this, you can turn the water heater on. This is significant because dry firing the water could lead to an overheating, which can eventually crack the tank and even cause more damage to the heater.
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