Thursday, December 26, 2019

Oil to Gas Conversion

Are you looking for oil to gas conversion in NJ? Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service are experts in oil to gas conversions.

Why an oil to gas conversion is a great idea

You might not know this, but ever since 2002, the heat gotten for oil has average between 30 and 40 percent times more expensive than gas on a yearly basis. If you are thinking of making an oil to gas conversion and using natural gas in your home, then you should now that the process can be very overwhelming indeed, especially given that there are several factors that you will need to take into consideration.

However, there is some basic information that you will need, especially concerning how to go about it and why the oil to gas conversion is even necessary. So, to alleviate your fears, here is some information.

Now, before we begin, it is important for you to note that natural gas has some significant benefits over oil. These clue, but are not limited to:

It is more economical

When heating your house, natural gas is actually the lowest full option. Essentially, this means that HVAC systems which run on natural gas will use up less power, and in the long run, cost you less. If you are looking for ways to save money off your utility bills, and oil to gas conversion is one of the

Rebates an service line credits

Depending on the company that helps you with the oil to gas conversion, you can get several rebates. So, if you are getting the service, you can definitely ask the conversion company about the type of rebates that they are offering


So far, the Energy information Association has predicted that the prices of natural gas will stay flat for the next few years to come. Essentially, converting from heat to gas can actually save you a great deal of money.

Natural gas is more reliable

A lot of natural gas companies get their natural gas locally. This means that they will be able to get the natural gas to your house through pipes easily. With oil, there is a lot of coordinate delivery and talking to clients. No one really wants to waste their time like that

Natural gas is more versatile with application

As soon as you get a natural gas line connected to your house. You can apply that energy in various ways. From heating your fireplace to providing heat to your grill and helping water heaters to function, natural gas is incredibly versatile.

Environmental sustainability

Natural gas currently has lower gas emissions than oil. So, if you are the type of person who cares for the environment (which should be all of us), it is a more reliable option.

If all of this has convince you to make an oil to gas conversion, then you will most likely face one of two scenarios:

It is usually ether you need to install a natural gas need, or you could already have a service line and you just don’t use it to heat. Regardless of what it is, it is important that you get a proper natural gas company to help you with the service

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Monday, December 16, 2019

Plumbers in NJ

Are you looking for a plumbing company in NJ? Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service is a fully bonded and insured heating and plumbing company in NJ that has been providing plumbing and heating services to both residential and commercial customers for over 30 years. Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service is the destination for all of your plumbing and heating service needs in Northern NJ. Our dedicated staff of plumbers and plumbing technicians are well trained and experienced to guarantee a job done right.

The most popular plumbing questions you wish you could ask your plumber

A lot of people who have plumbing sues know to call on their plumbers. However, there are a lot of plumbing aspects that still confuse any people nonetheless.

To help provide clarity, we have gotten some of the most popular plumbing questions, and sought answers from plumbers in NJ to help provide effective answers.

Check out a list of some of the most popular questions people have to ask as regards their plumbing needs.

Why Is The Sink Clogged When Nothing Goes Down The Drain?

While you might not see anything going down the drain, you always have something going down the sink. It could be hair, scum from soap, or even toothpaste. You might not have any issues with going down the drain, but it is possible that it clings to something else while it goes down the drain. This can eventually cause a clog, which will reduce the speed with which the drain moves.

To avoid this, a plumber will most likely recommend that you avoid anything going down the drain.

What’s The Smell Coming From The Garbage Disposal?

If your garbage disposal unit has a terrible stench coming from it, then it is usually food. You could have the food in the garbage disposal or in the pipes themselves.

However, if there is no food and you still have the smell, then it could be sewage in the pipes. To get rid of it, first check the garbage disposal, and if you can, you can call a plumber in NJ to dismantle the disposal unit altogether.

From there, you can have your plumber to check the drains and clean there entirely to get rid of the sell.

Is It Wise To Allow A Person In The Home To Install New Plumbing?

A lot of people try to get rid of the plumbers and just work the plumbing job themselves. The truth is that this doesn’t work in most cases. You don’t want a doctor take care of your plumbing installation, so if you live in NJ, make sure to get a plumber in NJ to help you out with the installation.

You should always let the professionals handle the jobs.

Also, make sure that you get a licensed plumber to help you with the installation. Things like pipes, water heaters, etc. need to be specially attended to, and the technical aspects to them should also be respected.

How Do You Care For The Finish On A Faucet?

A lot of people don’t know that they should never wash their faucets with soap due to the possible damage to the finish. So, the best choice will be to get a wet rag and wipe the faucet own.

This way, it keeps the finish looking lovely. You should also ensure that you wipe the faucet with a soft cots, and not a scouring pad.

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Friday, December 6, 2019

Water Heater Replacement

How to know when you need a water heater replacement

The holiday season is fast approaching, and there is no doubt that you have just so much to do. So, while this isn’t a tip at your list of things to get done, it is important for you to ask yourself a very important question:

Are you sure that your water heater will be able to make it through this holiday season?

If you weren’t able to answer that question immediately, then there is a good chance that you need to get a water heater repair or replacement service at once.
When it comes to water heaters, pretty much every drop is important for you. So you don’t want to have an ineffective water heater while heading into the holiday season. So, if you need a water heater repair or replacement, it is important for you to reach out to a professional service to get the right services.

However, it is important for you to know when you need a new water heater. When your family members are around and you have to entertain the, you surely don’t want to have your water heater fail on you. Well, the only way to ensure that you don’t experience this eventuality is to get a water heater repair service or replace an old water heater that have been through a lot.

Now, getting a water heater replacement is a big decision; surely bigger than getting a water heater repair. So, it is important that you know when the time has come to make that change.

With that in mind, here are some ways to know that you need to get a new water heater:

It starts to leak

If you notice that your water heater has started to leak, then you need to replace it as soon as you can. While you can try various water heater repair methods, the truth is that things have become irredeemable at this point.

You don’t get any hot water anymore

The entire point of a water heater is to provide hot water. When it is unable to do this, a water heater repair service won’t be able to help you. It is time to get a new one.

Utility costs are through the roof

When you notice that your energy bills are increasing on a monthly basis, then you might find that your water heater is using up more energy than it should to get the normal amount of water. A change or repair is necessary

The heater is at least 10 years old

As your water heater unit grows with age its efficiency continues to reduce. When the entire system has served for over a decade, you will most likely need to replace it. At this point, water heater repair costs get too high, and a replacement becomes more practical

Repairs are too frequent

Water heater repairs are also an indication of whether you need a new one or not. When you begin to repair the water heater more than once a year, you will soon need to get a change.

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