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Total Plumbing Company

Moving into a new house is a pretty exciting moment. You want to make sure that everything’s perfect, and you hope that you have a pretty seamless moving experience.

However, unless your house is new, there’s a significant chance that it will have some issues with it that you don’t know. Plumbing issues are especially popular because they are easy to hide - after all, how many people think to call Total Plumbing Company or any other quality plumbing firm before they move into a house?

Perhaps this is why you should get a plumbing company to help you out. Many old houses develop plumbing issues over time, and you want to make sure you’re not moving into a dilapidated house - or, at the very least, you want to know what you’re getting into.

These days, some of the most common plumbing challenges you might end up seeing in your new house:

Leaks and drips

To be fair, these aren’t so easy to identify. They usually happen to shower fittings where they meet sinks or walls. If you see any drips, then you know you might have some major problems down the line.

Stains on walls

One of the things you should never ignore is if the house has water stains on the walls. Water stains usually show that there have been water leaks in the past. The leaks could come from the wall cavities, leaky pipes, or possible roofing issues.

You could also notice mold and damp lines on the walls. All of these are signs of past leaks, and you should take them seriously.

Lead pipes

Lead pipes are common in really old houses. Lead can corrode over time, causing contamination to your main power supply. 

You can usually see signs of lead corrosion or not. Or, if you’ve got the money for it, you could just tell the plumbing company to change your pipes entirely and get you a new set.

Leaky taps

If you notice that the house’s taps are leaking, then it could be an issue with the house’s main water valve. It is recommended that you look into every tap in the house - don’t just look into those in the sinks and bathrooms.

Be sure to check the stop tap, as well as the one used to fill the water tank. Ensure that there’s enough pressure, so you know you’re safe.

Non-functioning toilets

When you go into the bathroom, check the toilets to see if they flush. Examine the tank level, flush valve, and the toilet’s fill valve. To prevent any future leaks, all of these will need to work effectively.

Low-quality water

You want to make sure your tap runs well and the water is great. Water that tastes poorly is a sign of plumbing mishap - plus, it’s not so great for your health. 

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