Monday, April 24, 2017

Sewer Repair in NJ

Sewer lines are made of different materials depending on the area that you live. The type of pipe used has a hand in the type of issues that you are likely to face in your sewer line. That is why not every sewer repair is the same as the rest. Here is a list of four main sewer pipes and possible problems that will require the assistance of our plumbers for reliable sewer repair in NJ.

Based on each type of pipe, our plumbers at Total Plumbing Heating & Drain Service will take specific precautions with each one.
Sewer Repair in NJ 
Clay tile pipe sewer line
The clay tile pipe, usually called vitrified clay pipe is made by blending shale and clay. The two are
blended at high temperature to make the resulting pipe inert. This pipe is common in gravity sewer collection mains as it resists several materials in the sewer line and lasts long.

Unfortunately, this kind of pipe is susceptible to root infiltration. It also uses hubbed fittings, which do not reliably seal against water leakage. This water attracts tree roots. Having the sewer line biannually helps deal with the root problem.  

Sewer lines made of cast iron
Cast iron sewer pipes provide a tight seal against any water leakage thereby dealing with the tree root problem and can withstand any ground movement. However, iron is corroded by water over time. If the rust becomes too great, parts of the pipe may collapse leading flooding. Frequent leak checks and frequently maintaining the pipe can prevent costly repairs on your sewer line.  We can help you check for leaks and repair them accordingly.  

Sewer lines made of bituminized fiber pipe
The bituminized sewer line is made of several layers of pitch and wood pulp that has been pressed together under very high temperature. The pipes are easy to use and are light in weight. 

However, though easy to install, the pipe is very brittle and can fail more often than other materials. If you have this type of material, consider replacing it with sturdier materials as they are better to clean and maintain. You can also rely on us for sewer line repair if you have faced too many problems with this materials. 

Sewer lines made of PVC plastic material
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is the most common sewer pipe material in the market today. It is easy to use and cut. It is also lightweight and resilient. It is also impervious to root penetration. 

However, most of the PVC pipes experience problems due to poor workmanship during installation. Earth movements such as in cases of earthquakes also cause piping to shift along the fault lines. PVC joint leaks are easy for us to fix. 

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