Monday, June 7, 2021

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Winter temperature, or summer times, could be a reason for bursting pipes and leaking valves. But when a pipe collapses it leaves you no choice except to repair it. Here are some of the tips on handling a burst pipe at your home.

Turn off the main water valve immediately

It is the quickest and most robust way of stopping the water from leaking. As the water source will be blocked by turning off the main valve, the water will stop leaking from the leaking pipe.

Drainage of pipes.

It is mandatory to drain all the water by flushing each toilet. Additionally, turn on the cold water side of the faucets to make those dry.

Turn off the water heater.

After everything else is shut down, you should go back and turn the heater off while turning the taps of hot water on. This will allow the hot water to bleed from all the facets of the home. Hence, there will be no additional damage while repairing the damaged pipe.

Turn off the electricity

Due diligence must be practiced while repairing the burst pipe. That is why it is advised that you should turn off all the electrical appliances and cut off the power supply. Taking your fuses out will do the job.

Find out which pipe burst

Although it is easier to identify large breaks c, finding a pipe with a small leakage could be an arduous task. That is why it is advised that you should look out for ceilings that are bulging, water pooled on the floors or under the sinks. If you can identify the source of leakage, use the bucket to contain the leaking water (if still leaking).

Call a professional plumbing agency

It doesn't matter if the size of the pipe break is minor or significant. You don't have the right experience or the right tools to repair those. Although people can repair small cracks with commercial tapes and chemical bonding agents, this might result in some severe damage if it didn't last. That is why it is recommended to take the help of a professional while repairing the burst pipes.

File insurance claim

Water is the most destructive force to a home, which is why you should always document the damage caused to your home by the water. Take the pictures of the damage done as soon as you can, and file for an insurance claim.


Leaking pipes, even minor, are a hazard to your home. That is why it is advised to assess the nature of the leakage and call a professional plumbing agency right away. If you live in NJ and want any kind of services such as plumbing, heating, drainage, or any type of plumbing repairs, feel free to contact us. We are a registered company in NJ that will tend to all of your needs, as we have experience of over 30 years and our technicians are well trained and hard workers. Call us now for a visit.

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