Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Gas Water Heater Repair Service NJ

At Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service, we specialize in gas water heaters in North NJ. We provide our customers with gas water heaters for either natural gas or propane.

Gas Water Heater Repair Service NJ 

Your water heater is one of the most important plumbing tools you have at home. Sadly, it is also one of those tools that tend to have significant issues.

While you might think that a lack of hot water is the only problem you’d face with a water heater, you’d be wrong. Failure of a hot water heater can present itself in different ways, and while you might notice some, others aren’t so noticeable.

If you’re able to pay attention to some of these signs, then perhaps you’d know just when you need to give a gas water heater repair service NJ a call.

Discolored, gritty water

Every water heater has a component known as an anode rod. The rod’s material helps to keep the tank water in a condition that prevents corrosion. However, this anode also needs to be replaced severally. If not, it eventually corrodes the water, leading to discoloration.

Once you find that your water looks muddy or rusty, then you probably know that your anode rod has deteriorated, and you’d probably need a new one. 

Bad water smell

There are also times when you might notice that the hot water develops a bit of a strange smell or taste. Most times, the taste gets metallic, or the water could smell like a bad egg. It goes without saying that you will need to address this as quickly as possible.

For most contractors, the solution will be to clean the tank and replace the anode rod with one of a different material. However, the truth is that these issues are quite complex, and the solutions might not necessarily be as clear-cut as they seem. So, get in touch with a repair service and let them give the eater a look. 

Water leaking from the tank

This is one of the easiest indications of a problem with your water heater. Even if you just notice a damp spot under the heater or a small puddle on the floor, you should know there’s something wrong with the heater and it needs to be checked out immediately.

Most times, a leak in your water heater is a result of sediment buildup. However, issues such as lack of maintenance or even the deterioration of the hater can cause water leakages. Again, this is an issue that is best handled by professionals.

Strange sounds as the heater works

It’s completely understandable to hear sounds coming from your heater as it heats the water in its tank. However, some sounds tend to indicate that there’s something wrong.

If your heater runs on natural gas and there’s too much sediment in the tank, the sediment could sit between the water and the heating element, eventually popping or crackling as the water heats. 

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