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Water Heater Repair in NJ

Are you looking for water heater repair in NJ? Total Plumbing, Heating and Drain Service is a fully bonded and insured plumbing company in NJ that has been providing water heater repair in NJ, for residential & commercial customers, for over 30 years.

Common Gas Water Heater Repair Service FAQs

A lot of people do not know much about gas water heaters, except that it is a piece of machinery that sits in their basement in a corner and is responsible for delivering them hot water. But what if this water heater is not supplying hot water and it doesn’t light? What if it is leaking? Well, a majority of the house owners will find themselves in the dark when it comes to answering such questions.

Hence, in order to help you with the gas water heater repair services, we have answered some FAQs. Maybe they will aid you in comprehending the problem with your gas water heater better. So, here you go!


What is the average lifetime of a gas water heater?

If you will ask the manufacturers, most of them will tell you that the average life of a gas water heater lies somewhere between 8 to 12 years. However, it is important to understand here is that this lifetime is only manageable if you provide proper maintenance and repair work to your heater. Regular repairs like replacing the heating element or pressure valve will go a long way in ensuring that your heater works for a long time.

My gas heater is not heating the water enough. What should I do?

If your tank is not heating water enough, then there can be a range of reasons responsible for this and hence there are also many different solutions. However, first of all, we will recommend you to try and raise the temperature setting of your heater. If it doesn’t work, then maybe you should try to insulate the hot water pipes so the water won’t lose its heat while traveling to the faucet. Next, you can try to clean the gas burner and to replace the thermocoupler.

However, if doing this on your own makes you nervous because you do not know much about heaters then we suggest you contact a gas water heater repair service for your aid.

The gas water heater is not lighting. What should I do?

If your pilot light won’t turn on or if it refuses to stay lit, then the problem is probably with your thermocoupler. The thermocoupler is a safety element that senses the pilot light and controls the gas valve. Now, if you have trouble with this safety element then a quick solution is to remove the burner assembly and to replace the thermocoupler. This should do the job. However, if this doesn’t solve your problem then maybe you should call your gas water heater repair services to take care of the problem.

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