Friday, April 29, 2016

Drain Repair in NJ

Four Reasons Why Drain Repair is Essential Home Maintenance

Total Plumbing is your source for prompt, professional, and affordable drain repair in NJ. We are a fully bonded and insured heating and plumbing company serving residential and commercial customers in North New Jersey. Featuring same-day quality service and 24 hour drain repair in NJ, you can count on us when your experiencing problems with your drains - no matter the time of day! Our technicians are just a call away, and will get to your location and complete drain repairs without delay. 

How often do you clean the drains in your home? Once a year? Once a month? Or is your answer more like, “I’m supposed to clean the drains?” The answer to that question is “Absolutely yes, you should clean the drains.” And there are four very important reasons why drain repair in NJ is essential:

  1. Fewer Blockages: Small clogs in the shower or sink can be annoying, but when you’ve got a serious clog that won’t budge, it’s necessary to get a proper drain cleaning as soon as possible. Too much build up over time will cause your toilet to overflow or even worse, cause your sewer lines to leak or burst. That’s when things really start to get messy—and expensive.
  2. Reduced Odors: Clog drains stop water from going down, but allow bad smells from the depths of your plumbing into your home. Regular drain repair in NJ is the best way to make sure bad odors stay down below.
  3. Cleaner Home: Water from your sewer lines carries bacteria, bugs, and who knows what else? So when your drains are clogged and overflow, everything that lives in that water is coming with it. Having the drains cleaned on a regular basis is a great way to prevent the gross stuff in your sewers from even thinking of entering your home.
  4. Reduced Expenses: When you have your drains cleaned, you can also ask the technician to inspect your sewer lines for damage. Older pipes can often rust, leak, or be penetrated by tree roots. Your technician can help you catch these issues sooner rather than later. That way you’re dealing with an inexpensive repair, rather than a costly pipe replacement.
While it is essential to have your drains cleaned on a regular basis, you don’t have to do it yourself. In fact, it’s probably better if you didn’t. Call your local drain repair expert who will gladly eliminate clogs, fix damaged drains and get your plumbing system functioning properly again.

Our drain repair services are available in the following New Jersey areas:

For more information about our expert drain repair in NJ, call Total Plumbing at (201) 804-0001.


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